Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Ways to Celebrate // Happy Wildlife Day!

Today is National Wildlife Day. Most people shrug off days like today, or Earth Day or Dog Day, etc. But isn't it symbolic, like a birthday, a day to appreciate and celebrate a particular being? Let's celebrate! In this case it's not Timmy down the street, but all wildlife on this earth.

Wildlife includes all animals, plants, fungi, and organisms that are non-domesticated by humans, although it is agreed by most scientists that all wildlife is affected by human species (no surprise there, right?)

Every species is an important of it's ecosystem, and thus the ecosystem of the planet and consequently humans. Jonas Salk once said that if all humans disappeared from the Earth all life would flourish in 50 years, but if insects disappeared all life would end.

That's a very surprising, and humanizing concept (no pun intended). Humans have a unique ability to create and destroy on a massive scale, and like most people, we here at Little Critterz believe in minimizing destruction and conserving the planet for all life on it now, and for generations to come.

So hats off to all the wildlife on Earth. We are entertained and mesmerized by you. We learn from you. We appreciate you. So let's donate to an organization today whose commitment to wildlife preserves the species. Visit your local zoo or aquarium because their efforts are crucial to the survival, education, and research to wildlife. Watch a wildlife documentary to learn about a new species or environment. Or make a purchase on Little Critterz so we can continue to support non-profit wildlife organizations. Whatever you do today, Happy Wildlife Day!

Some of our favorite wildlife species. What's yours?

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