Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Animal Profile: Sun Bear

This week we are showcasing arguably one of the most photogenic animals around: the Sun Bear! Known for being a solitary species we thought it would be a great idea the characteristics of this beautifully goofy creature.

Size: Weighs between 60 and 150 pounds and is 4 to 5 feet in length
Diet: Bees and honey are staples, and also feed on a variety of fruit and insects
Location: Found in tropical rain forests in Southeast Asia
Protection Status: Vulnerable
Interesting Facts:
  • Standing only about 4-5 feet, the Sun Bear is the smallest known species of bear, which suite their arboreal lifestyle easily moving about the trees
  • Known as the "Honey Bear" for its love of honey, it uses its extremely long tongue to obtain honey from beehives
  • They use their long claws to climb trees in order to build nests for sleeping and sunbathing 

Our goal at Little Critterz is to spread the respect of the animal kingdom through education of and interaction with animals. We believe this is to be done by learning about the wondrous world of animals both online and in person at zoos, national parks and aquariums. We also believe respect and protection for animals stems from the admiration of these beautiful, amazing creatures through real and treasured symbols like this Sun Bear miniature porcelain figurine. 

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