Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Animal Profile: Tufted Puffin

In our fourth week of the Animal of the Week series we drift away from ground-creatures and honor one our favorite airborne friends in the Tufted Puffin. Primarily known for its elegant yellow tufts that run down from each side of its head, the Tufted Puffin is one of the most distinct critters roaming the sky throughout the world.

Size: 15 inches in length and weigh 1.5 pounds
Diet: Primarily consists of fish while rarely eating squid and other invertebrates
Location: Throughout the Pacific Rim, from Alaska to Japan to Canada and California
Protection Status: Least Concern
Interesting Facts:
  • An adult Tufted Puffin can hold up to 20 fish arranged head to tail in its bill at a time!
  • The puffin's heavy bones allow it to dive up to 300 feet in order to catch its prey.
  • The puffins vibrant colors appear during the spring breeding season, however during the winter their bright red beak and yellow plumes turn grey.

Our goal at Little Critterz is to spread the respect of the animal kingdom through education of and interaction with animals. We believe this is to be done by learning about the wondrous world of animals both online and in person at zoos, national parks and aquariums. We also believe respect and protection for animals stems from the admiration of them through real and treasured symbols like this Tufted Puffin miniature porcelain figurine. 

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