Wednesday, December 4, 2013

11 Animals You Probably Have Never Heard Of

We are always enamored by the diversity in wildlife on our beautiful planet Earth and are often taken aback by the uniqueness this world presents to us! One can spend a lifetime exploring its outermost regions, from the winding Amazon River to the breathtaking peaks of the Himalayas, and never get to fully experience all mother nature has to offer. So in this time of festivities and jubilation, lets celebrate 11 crazy animals that you probably have never heard of!


This cartoonish looking creature lives deep in the ocean where its gelatinous body is an incredible adaption that allows it to survive under enormous pressure. We personally think he's adorable!

Proboscus Monkey

Known in the animal kingdom for their prodigious schnoz, female Proboscus Monkeys are actually more attracted to the males with the largest noses!  

Venezuelan Poodle Moth

This incredible animal certainly looks like it belongs in a fantasy movie! In fact, this insect was not discovered until 2009 by scientists in a remote region of Venezuela.  Little is known about this species, but scientists believe there are about 10-15 in the same furry family. 


These aquatic marvels are considered the unicorns of the sea by virtue of their enormous horns. Found in the Arctic, the majestic Narwhals travel in pods of up to 20.


The Saiga looks like a mixture between an antelope and an elephant! Its elephant like snout helps it feast on plants that are poisonous to most animals. Crazy indeed!

Peacock Mantis Shrimp

The Peacock Mantis Shrimp may be, pound for pound, the most powerful animal on the planet. They are known for breaking aquarium glass simply by striking it with its front raptorial appendages!

Bush Viper

One of the smallest snake species known to man, this colorful, scaly snake does all of its hunting at night. Definitely one of the most beautiful snakes we've ever seen!

Goblin Shark

This deep-sea shark has lineage that traces back to 125 million years ago! It's almost like a real-life dinosaur right here on Earth!


This animal looks like a mixture between an anteater and an artichoke! It has impenetrable scales that protect it from a list of predators that includes lions. Talk about security!


This exhibitionist of a creature just loves to bare all for the world to see! Can you tell if it's a boy or a girl? Neither can we!

Indian Purple Frog

Can you tell that we love animals that look like blobs? We wonder what advantages they have in the environment because of their shape? Hmm.. something to think about.. Anyways, the Indian Purple Frog is an underground dweller that only comes to the surface for two weeks year. Talk about antisocial!

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