Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Winter Break Zoo Camps for Kids

Kids are about to be off for winter break, and while they enjoy school-free days, this could put stress on your childcare situation.

You could leave them with a relative, nanny, neighbor, or maybe with the school, or you could give your kids the opportunity to spend the week having a wild time at the zoo!

The zoo's winter camp's are great alternatives to sitting at home playing video games or watching television. Each winter zoo camp is a little bit different, but they all offer chances to interact, explore and learn about the animals and the zoo. Most camps start the Monday after Christmas.

Here are some cities offering a zoo winter camp. If you don't see you're zoo on here let me know so I can add your city to our zoo radar.

Phoenix, AZ
Explore nature and the zoo with up-close animal encounters, hands-on activities, games, in-depth investigations and hikes around Phoenix Zoo. The kids will also spend time in the classroom making crafts, using scientific tools and meeting program's animals up close. They'll learn things like what goes into feeding the animals, how the zoo enriches the lives of the animals that live there. Visit here for details and registration.

Fort Worth, TX
Children grades 1-6 have the opportunity to explore wildlife in the zoo and classroom Dec 23, 30 and Jan 2, 3. The Fort Worth Zoo is also offering a weekend long career camp for high school students to learn about what it takes to work at the zoo. Camp details here.

Houston, TX
Each camp is designed as a one-day experience, so bring your kids in for one or everyday for a chance to examine the zoo's exhibits, explore multi-species exhibits and discover what makes them healthy and enriching areas for their animals, learn how to read an x-ray and more! Children ages 4-5 and 6-7 will focus on the colors, shapes, sizes and speeds of all types of animals. For details of the day's activities visit here.

Omaha, NE
Omaha Zoo's kick off winter break for kids by exploring wild animals and their natural habitats, interact with zookeepers, study animal behaviors, conduct fun experiments, and become the envy of your friends! To register click here.

San Diego, CA

Join the San Diego Zoo this winter as kids learn all about noses and the sense of smell. Each day, children will examine the ways smells and sense of smell are important to wildlife. After all, the NOSE KNOWS! Visit here for more info.

Columbus, OH
School's out for winter! Spice up your child's time off from school with an exciting adventure at the Zoo! We will have close-up experiences with animal visitors, hands-on activities and plenty of time to explore the Zoo. Reserve your child's spot here.

New Orleans, LA

Audubon Zoo offer kids the opportunity to spend their days outdoors exploring nature. Educators provide your child with plenty of action packed adventures among the animals at the zoo. Each day is full of animal exploration, scientific investigation, arts and crafts, and more! Spots here are filling fast!

Seattle, WA
The Woodland Park Zoo offers parents a multitude of fun, unique day care at the zoo! From half days or full days, to week-long camps and even an extended day option. The kids will delight in exploring why animals move the way they do, learning about predators and discovering habitats! Register here.

Miami, FL
Winter break daze at Miami Metro Zoo is designed to immerse children into the world of wildlife and conservation. Join us for a fun-filled learning adventure that includes live animal presentations, visits to animal exhibits, Q & A sessions with zookeepers, animal enrichment activities, and much more! Enroll here.

Denver, CO
The Denver Zoo is offering 5 days of mini safari camps this winter where kids will learn what makes the zoo's jungle homes unique, explore the circle of life, participate in games and animal encounters! Register here.

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