Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Animal Lovers Holiday Gift Guide

Before Christmas Day is upon us, we get the thrilling pleasure of finding the perfect gift for our friends and family. This task can be daunting or superbly satisfying depending on our ability to find the perfect gift for our loved ones. If it feels you're sister, grandma, aunt, cousin, husband or wife loves animals maybe a bit more that you, this is gift guide was created for you!

One Dog Bones

100% gum rubber dog bones because the way to your friends heart is through their pet!

Two Macaw on Branch Figurine

This hand-painted porcelain macaw is a work of art. Home decor, book-end, or paperweight, this bird is a colorful and lovely way to add life to a room.

Three Wolf Earrings

These sweet, light weight wolf earrings are made of hand-painted porcelain with hypoallergenic stainless steel ear wires.

Four Buffalo Planter

This handmade ceramic buffalo pot is perfect for succulents, plants, flowers, candles or anything else you can think of!

Five Bird Plant Waterer

Water your plants, even away from home. Never worry about coming home to dead plants because this plant waterer slowly releases water into the soil as the soil becomes dry and airy.

Six Elephant Scarf

This fashion accessory features a stampede of elephants in black and white that is sure to match any outfit while keeping you warm in both winter and summer.

Seven Zoo Gift Card

Whether you live in San Diego, Atlanta, Denver, New York or somewhere in between, zoos offer gift cards to purchase for your friends and family. What a thoughtful and fun experience to give, don't you think!

Eight Glass Fishbowl

Humans shouldn't have all the fun! Give your fish a fun place to swim and explore in this handblown glass fishbowl.

Nine Penguin Musical

Soothing and melodic, this hand-painted porcelain penguin family sits atop a Seiko musical.

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