Friday, August 30, 2013

The Lion Whisperer

Okay, this guy is cool. His name is Kevin Richardson and his nickname is The Lion Whisperer. Why you ask? A self taught animal behaviorist, Kevin has spent his entire life caring for animals and the better part of his adult life breaking every safety rule in the book building relationships with natural born predators. Not believing in traditional methods of breaking an animal's spirit with sticks and chains, but instead using love, understanding and trust to develop personal bonds and getting to know their personalities, what makes them happy or irritated.

Kevin runs The Kingdom Wildlife Sanctuary for lions, hyenas, leopards and antelope in South Africa. The sanctuary is made up of a number of natural enclosures where the animals rotate to keep them stimulated and enriched. He is apart of the PAW Protecting African Wildlife Conservation Trust and is passionate about stopping the legal slaughter of 1000 lions annual for sport.

You can watch Kevin on his show on the National Geographic Channel called The Lion Ranger, or his feature film or numerous documentaries. Volunteer options are available - talk about an experience!

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