Wednesday, August 7, 2013

7 Benefits of Buying Local Products

There are almost 2 million farms in the US, 80% of which are small farms and most of those are family owned. These are parents, neighbors, PTA members, and soccer coaches.

Support Community and Strengthen Local Economy

Buying local produce and food products is simply the concept of buying food grown or raised as close to your home as possible, while supporting the people of your community and strengthening your local economy.

Fresher and More Nutritious 

There are many benefits of buying local produce other than supporting local farmers, ensuring jobs for them and income for their families. Local produce is also fresher. Local farm food was most likely picked one or two days from the time of purchase, ensuring optimal freshness and taste. Food also looses its nutrients the longer it takes to get to your home and into your diet.

Environmentally Friendly and Chemical Free

Local produce is also better for the environment and for your body. Local food doesn't travel far. Food from large producers travels about 2,00 miles on average from farm to table. This transportation and storage is energy intensive and pollutes both the air and table. Buying produce straight from the grower is the best way to know what goes into the soil and on your food. Small farms reduce the amount of chemicals, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, etc. You can ask the farmer about their process and treatment, face-to-face. Isn't that a wonderful way to protect your family?

Easy to Find Every Day of the Week

Buying local products is easy. Visit and enter in your zip code for a list of farmers markets in your area. Then get shopping! Don't forget to bring your reusable bags!


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