Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sea Turtle Protection Society Saves 80 Turtle Babies!

Something very exciting just happened in Indialantic, Florida in cooperation with the Sea Turtle Preservation Society.

A call came into the pager of one of the volunteers, she was told baby sea turtles were popping out of the nest. The volunteer headed to the scene, with a bucket in tow hoping to save as many of the babies as possible. They succeeded in saving 80 sea turtle babies. During the day the sand is so hot it will fry the babies if they are not picked up right away. They were released that night as during the day it's too hot and too dangerous due to predators.

It takes 1,000 eggs to have one mature sea turtle. So the stranding team works very hard to save as many turtles on the beaches. The Sea Turtle Protection Society periodically gets these kinds of calls. Earlier last week, 5 babies were rescued but we're deceased before they reached the facility. Two weeks prior, 23 babies were rescued then released into the water.

The STPS's mission is simple "to help sea turtles survive". The volunteers are dedicated to sea turtle educating the public about protecting sea turtles, research and rescuing sick and injured sea turtles that arrive on their beaches. They often take advantage of educate the public in the vicinity as they release babies into the water.

The Sea Turtle Protection Society is happy to announce that Brevard Zoo will be opening a rehab center that will save turtles a long trip to another facility and this will save more lives.

Sea turtles are an endangered species.

photos taken by Debbie Livingston

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