Wednesday, April 16, 2014

5 Green Lifestyle Products

Our Earth Day fever is really heating up but before we begin discussing really awesome environmentally friendly, sustainable and all-around better options than the traditional versions currently available, we'd like to first encourage you to think closely before you buy. If you've decided that yes this is something you need, then also think about alternative ways to get it.

For instance, can you borrow it? Make it? Grow it? Build it? Being green is not just about buying green. It's a way of life. It's thinking and acting in sustainable ways.

We love this 'My Not-Shopping List' because it encourages us to treasure everything by repurposing or repairing items. Is also encourages us to build a community by borrowing items instead of buying a version for ourselves when we can share with friends, family and neighbors.

One of our favorite things to do is go to swap meets and thrift stores to find something we want or need. Buying second-hand means that you are adding to the life of something that would have ended up in a landfill. Plus it's also pretty neat to browse previously-loved products from record players and old clocks to bike parts and jewelry!

Again, we'd like to reinforce re-using and upcycling before you purchase new.

With that being said, we know that things eventually break, again. Nothing lasts forever. We want to highlight some incredibly innovating, thought-provoking and revolutionary products that are simply better for the environment, your home and your family.

Glass Water Bottles
First thing first, stop buying plastic water bottles. There, it's been said. Let's move on to what you can and should buy for when you're on the go, because drinking water is an essential part of staying healthy. Re-usable plastic water bottles leak chemicals into you water, instead re-usable BPA/BPS-free and phthalate-free glass water bottles and caps, like these adorable ones from Lifefactory provide fresh and clean drinking water safe for consumption!

glass water bottle, re-uasable water bottle

Designer Christophe Machet describes his invention as, "It is not a bicycle with added baskets, but a basket with added wheels that can be rode." 40% of car rides are 2 miles from the home and under. We'd like to point out here that isn't that perfect biking distance! You can travel 2 miles in just a couple of minutes by bicycle. Biking is a healthier and environmentally safer option than driving for many reasons, and we believe that the biggest deterrent for biking over driving is the cargo! This mode of transporting both you and your produce, park essentials or school/work gear up to 32 gallons! We know you'll have more fun riding it than this guy -->

bicycle, living green, car alternative

This particular bike may be hard to buy as it's not available in most stores, but when contemplating a bike purchase think light weight frame and storage (bikes can have baskets both in front and back!).

Grow > buy. Not only is it cheaper, but it's greener! Growing an herb garden is a great way to cut costs in transporting plants from where it's grown in the world to your supermarket. Think of all the emissions you'll be eliminating! So when we can across this self-cleaning fish tank from Back to the Roots that grows herbs, we were thrilled!

Graze Organic
Let's talk about plastic bags, the sandwich and snack kind in particular. Graze Organic has created reusable, washable alternatives to traditional wasteful plastic bags. Bags are made from washable, durable organic cotton and available in such fun colors and prints, these sustainable bags are an adorable way of sprucing up lunch and reducing waste!

reusable bags, Earth Day, living green

Re-usable Produce Bags 
If you haven't done so already, and we highly suggest you do, please purchase alternatives to grocery store plastic bags. Many cities, states and countries have a ban on them and therefore are not in grocery stores, but for the laggards who do not currently own reusable grocery bags, get some! We highly recommend these produce bags from Flip and Tumble because they are not only reusable, but easily washable! You can even wash produce in the bags! They also roll up into very small size to carry one or all with you in your purse, briefcase, school bag, etc. Best part, they're $12 for a set of 5!

What are some of your favorite green products? Share with us in the comments below!

-the Little Critterz team

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