Friday, March 21, 2014

The Earth is on Our Mind

Spring has sprung (okay it's been springing in San Diego for quite some time). The sun is out, the flowers blooming and we feel both happy and blessed to be living on such a lovely planet. We're sure you have these moments where you just have to breathe it all in because they are that sweet. These grateful moments, however, have us thinking about delicate nature of our planet.

With Earth Day coming up, (Earth Day is Tuesday April 22, 2014 in case you haven't yet heard) we have decided jump all into the spirit and festivities of spring -- enjoying the outdoors, participating in the community, and doing our part to protect the planet for humans and animals together, forever!

Our team here at Little Critterz™ is challenging you to participate as well!

Love The Earth

We believe the kick off to Earth Day is Earth Hour.  Earth Hour takes place almost a month before Earth Day, and it is the first event in which asks people to take part in the direction of our planet's resources and ecosystems. Heck, some may say St. Patrick's Day could be the kick off for this time of green -- cue green drinks and leprechauns dancing!

Olympic National Park's St. Patrick's Day post -- if that doesn't represent Earth Day we don't know what does!
I mean -- look at this forest! Isn't this worth saving?!

So we want to kick off the month before Earth Day with fun-filled, educational, and interactive topics that will make all of our lives richer knowing we are making a difference for all of the plants, animals and humans on this planet.

We hope to encourage you through topics like the best green products you should havegreen gardening tips, and a 'Week of Green' - so stay tuned! Plus all of the information you'll need to participate in Earth Hour next Saturday, March 29 2014.

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Be Green All Year Long
We know it's not enough to protect the Earth by acting one day a year (hence our month of action for starters), but even more than that, engaging in sustainable behavior should be at the forefront of thought all year long! 
We are proud to support ecologically sound practices that encourage sustainability. We believe that every business and household can contribute to the slowing down of global warming. At Little Critterz™ we engage in green business practices by: 
  • Providing educational information about the fragility of the earth’s ecosystems and the habitats of endangered wildlife
  • Using recycled paper whenever possible to prevent useless destruction of our forests
  • Minimizing the use of paper by maintaining digital files
  • Recycle all plastics, cans and paper
  • Shutting off lights when not in use
  • Reducing excessive packaging to save trees
  • Reuse all packaging materials received

We really hope you'll join along, learn about our planet and perhaps even get outside in participate in your community to make this world a better place!

Cheers and happy Friday to you all!
-the Little Critterz team

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