Wednesday, October 23, 2013

New Little Critterz for Fall!

We add new Little Critterz to our collection this fall! We are constantly inspired by the environment, changes, and settings of our world as well as by our customer's likes and interests. For the fall we're introducing two new lines of Little Critterz, plus several animals to existing lines!

Serendipity Critterz
We've recently partnered with award winning children's author Stephen Cosgrove to create a collection based on his Serendipity book, the Serendipity Critterz. They include Leo the Lop, Sniffles, Creole and more! Read more about the new line, and Stephen Cosgrove here.

Glow in the Dark Critterz
This is such a fun line that glows in the dark! Perfect as night lights to help the kids get over their fear of the dark. Keep them in the sun all day and they'll shine all night! The line includes dragons, fairies, mermaids, and more!

New Animals
Leopard is such a cool fall trend - faux of course! The mixes of browns and blacks creates a neutral backdrop allowing for coordinating colors to pop. Plus it's fierce and fun!

We've created a leopard Little Critterz to jazz up your space! Plus, an adorable chinchilla, lobster, antelope, and much more!

Check them out on our website to get your new miniature porcelain figurine!

-the Little Critterz team

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