Friday, April 5, 2013

Real life Jurassic Park?

Ever since the books and movies graced popular media, the world has had a fascination with being up close and personal to dinosaurs. Yes they have been extinct for millions of years and many species could kill humans without even trying, but how cool would that be to look history in the face!

Ok, so not exactly Jurassic Park because dinosaurs haven't exactly been resurrected from their DNA - too many ethical questions come into play. However, Australian mining mogul is planning a dinosaur park to include over 150 dinosaurs that can breathe, blink, move their arms and tails and roar!  These animatronic dinosaurs will stand over 7 meters (about 23 feet tall!) and reside on the Palmer Coolum Resort in Queensland, Australia. Two can already be found on the property, a Tyrannosaurus Rex named Jeff and an Omeisaurus named Bones.

40 dinosaurs arrived last week, including a Deinosuchus, a giant early relative of the crocodile.

All dinosaurs are expected to arrive by the end of April, with the Dinosaur Park fully function shortly thereafter. As Australia nears winter, you have the time to plan a once in a lifetime, memorable vacation to share with your children or grandchildren, as well as for the kid in all of us!

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