Friday, March 29, 2013

Vulnerable to Extinction: Tigers

The colors, those eyes, the prowl. The majestic tiger mesmerizes wildlife park goers like few else. Perhaps because the majority of people have seen a tiger in front of them, or knowing of their strength in hunting, there is a misconception that they rule the jungle. But they are threatened, in fact, as little as 3,200 wild tigers are left.

Every species of tiger is endangered. Until the 20th century there were nine tiger species. Three are extinct - the Caspian, Balinise and Javan tigers. In one century, 97% of the tiger population was hunted and killed. Today we see their habitat being destroyed for agriculture, timber and construction of roads and cities. Poaching these animals for illegal trade of parts is at an all time high.

Help these tigers before they become just a memory of what once was.

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