Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Animal Profile: Golden Lion Tamarin

Our Animal of the Week this week is the Golden Lion Tamarin. This vibrant South American critter is a perfect mixture between a monkey and a small rodent and stands out in the lush rain forest with its beautiful golden mane.

Size: Weighs an average of 1.5 pounds and average length is 10.3 inches long.
Diet: Omnivorous diet consisting mostly of fruit, lizards, insects and bird's eggs.
Location: Southeastern Brazil
Protection Status: Endangered, there are only an estimated 400 Golden Lion Tamarins left in the wild.
Interesting Facts:
  • Golden Lion Tamarin newborns are generally twins
  • They sleep in different sleeping dens every night (usually tree-hollows) in order to evade predators
  • The Tamarins have a special alarm call for birds flying overhead that alerts other members of the group to seek cover in the dense forest 

Our goal at Little Critterz is to spread the respect of the animal kingdom through education of and interaction with animals. We believe this is to be done by learning about the wondrous world of animals both online and in person at zoos, national parks and aquariums. We also believe respect and protection for animals stems from the admiration of them through real and treasured symbols like this Golden Lion Tamarin miniature porcelain figurine

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