Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Intricate Hand-Made Bead Embroidered Cuff Bracelets

We are so impressed with this talented artist! Her bracelet designs includes thousands of beads meticulously embroidered to create a 2" wide by 7" long piece of art for your wrist. The intricate beading provides a whole backdrop, playground and home for the Little Critterz and a beautiful setting to enjoy while you wear it.

Karen, the artist chose to use a tree frog because of it's cute colors and bug eyes, and it's ability to frighten predators if disturbed. She uses a mix of green beads to replicate it's rainforest home, using emeralds, jades, chartreuse, and dark red beads to emulate jungle vines.

For her second piece, a sea otter was chosen because of it's playfulness and ability to incorporate the piece situated amidst a sea of waves, whitewash and seaweed.

Both pieces took several days to complete. Beginning by fastening the Little Critterz to a square piece of metal, weaving beads into complex patterns, then attaching the bracelet to a cuff form backed with ultra suede for your comfort.

These pieces are available on her Etsy shop here for the frog and here for the otter, but hurry only 1 of each is available now!

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