Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Grassland Art and Preservation

Grasslands by Patrick Korch
"Grasslands" by Patrick Korch represents the Grasslands Preserves located near Ramona California in the Santa Maria Valley just behind San Diego, Ca. This area is nearly 7,500 acres of  land protected for animals that human developers are encroaching on with developments. 

Images of this sculpture as a "Marquette", a smaller version of a monumental sculpture that would allow children to play in and around. 

The artist's hopes? That children would get familiar with the animals of the "Grasslands" and their plight in the hopes that in the children's  future they would recognize the need to "preserve" lands, thwart and ward off developers of all of our precious lands. Some of it must be kept sacred for the future.  

The sculpture includes mountain lions lions, eagles, owls, squirrels, frogs, mice, rabbits, chameleons, lizards, butterflies, dragonflies, ducks, raccoons, and more.  It is a story of their interaction with each other. The full, monumental version will  include many stairs and slides (internally and externally)  that would allow the children to climb, slide, and interact with the sculpture and become familiar with the animals. 

Can you find all 22 animals?

Patrick Korch the Art Director of Little Critterz.  A nationally recognized and award winning Painter and Sculptor.  This recently completed bronze sculpture,  measures 42" x 24" x 22" and is finished with subtle coloration patinas.  It is a very complex sculpture with over 22 animals represented.  

Only 6 limited edition sculptures are to be released.  Should you be interested in one of the limited editions please contact Mr. Korch directly through Little Critterz.  Again, there are only 6 available.  You can see his other award winning works at  

Thank  you for your support and belief in wildlife preservation.

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